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Passion for Bookish Fashion (1): Since You've Been Gone

An Emily inspired look!

Have you ever read a book that you loved so much and just weren't ready to stop thinking about it?  Since You've Been Gone has been my favorite summer read so far.  So naturally I wanted to combine my two favorite things...books and fashion.  This outfit is inspired by the main character Emily.

I thought what would Emily wear on a night out to the Orchard with her friends?

(Note: I do not own these pictures.  Links to all clothing will be below!)

Beatles Quote Tank Top:  I saw this and immediately thought...Frank saw this after one of his competitions with Collins and picked it up for Emily as a joke.  

Denim Distressed Shorts: In the inside of the book there is a picture of Emily and Sloane eating ice cream and she's wearing cuffed shorts.  I just pictured her wanting to be in something stylish yet affordable and comfy.

Converse: For some reason I'm obsessed with Converse shoes.  I could see Emily drawing on the white part in sharpie...possibly a teddy bear surfing ;)

Satchel Bag: I think this bag would be perfect because it's cute and casual and can fit lots of stuff in it.  

Ray-Ban Sunglasses: And of course Emily's got to have Ray-Ban sunglasses.  I pictured Emily at a flea market finding them like Abu finding the genie lamp.  It's the perfect combination of the ones Sloane gave her and the red heart ones Sloane wears.  But these are cool because Emily haggled for them all by herself (okay maybe the person gave them to her for less because Collins was being annoying).

I have no idea if Emily would actually wear any of these things seeing as she's a character Morgan Matson made up, but I like to think if she was real she would approve!  P.S. Now I'm craving ice cream (mint chocolate chip to be exact!)

(picture from inside of book)

Which character do you wish you could recreate their wardrobe?