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Review: Since You've Been Gone by: Morgan Matson

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Emily is used to being the sidekick, until one day her best friend Sloane is gone, leaving nothing but a to do list behind.  The list has mostly things Emily is afraid of like riding a horse or skinny dipping, but she decides to complete it because it might give her insight as to where her friend went.  Each task she crosses off brings fun new people into her life as she slowly builds a life for herself where she is the main character.

Besides Kath from Fangirl, I have never read a character that I deeply related to, until I met Emily.  Although age has made me more confident and has helped me stop caring about what others think, I saw my 17 year old self every time I read this book.  She's quiet and unsure of herself and relies on her best friend for the courage to do things because she knows if she fails someone will save her.  I loved Emily's journey of figuring out how to save herself and how to be confident in who she is.  The supporting characters were fantastic.  Frank is probably one of my favorite guy characters ever.  He's sweet, but he's also very real.  Dawn and Collins added some comedic flavor to the story as well.  I'd picked this book up because I needed something to read at the beach and now I can't believe I've never read anything by this author.  If you're a Dessen fan like me then you should definitely start watching out for Morgan Matson's books!

Did you relate to Emily too?  Part of me thinks if someone was the Sloane growing up they'd see Emily as annoying.  So, if you were the Sloane did you have an Emily of your own? and how did you react to reading Emily's thoughts?